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Delmar Track and Field Club Inc.



We are a youth Track and Field Club serving the Capital District.  Membership is usually open to athletes from age 7 (born in 2013) to 18 years old.  We provide elementary, middle-school and high-school students a unique Track and Field/Cross Country opportunity.

After having to cancel our spring season, we have some exciting plans for this fall’s cross country season:
The coaching staff and board of directors will be taking every precaution to minimize the risk of transmitting illness. However, even with precautions, there is always some risk associated. Athletes who have a pre-existing health condition such as asthma, diabetes, or other health issues which might lead to a compromised immune system should not participate this year.
-No refunds once the season starts. Unfortunately, despite the unprediucatbaility of the current situation, we still have expenses in order to maintain the club. 
Athletes who cannot independently stay socially distanced from their peers are asked not to participate this year. As such, we have decided to not allow anyone younger than the 3rd grade this season.
Safety Considerations:
Daily symptom checks upon arrival
Social distancing measures while running/when receiving instruction
Masks must be worn when not running
Sanitizing spray upon arrival
No sharing of water bottles, equipment; no spitting 
No direct contact between runners/staff (no high fives or handshakes)
The size of the training groups will be restricted in number to prevent the likelihood of exposure. Within each age group, the runners will be grouped into smaller groups and will be required to stay with their training group at all times. Plese sign up for the appropriate age group (in divisions):
Grades 3-4 & 5-6: Cap 30 per gender
Sundays: 4-5pm/Thursdays: 5:30-6:30pm (2x weekly)
XC only ($80); XC + TF ($100) + USATF Youth membership 
Season will last until end of October
Junior Whippets
Grades 7-8: Cap 15 per gender
Sundays: 5-6:30pm / Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5-6:30pm (3x weekly)
Three Weeks ($100) + USATF Youth membership 
Season will end September 20th
Senior Whippets
Grades 9-12: Cap 30 per gender
Sundays: 5-6:30pm / MTWF: 5-6:30pm (5x weekly)
Four weels ($200) + USATF Youth membership 
Season will end September 20th

Each child must also have their own USATF membership. The USATF memberships are valid until 12/31 each year.

EACH athlete must register for a USATF membership BEFORE they register for the club. This membership MUST be in the child's name, NOT the parent's. If you are or have been a member of the club before, you must renew your USATF membership for the year 2020 before registering for the club. T

When registering for the first time, please enter our USATF club number which is 03-0278. Click this link to go to the USATF site:

After you have completed your USATF registration, you may proceed with the online registration.  Assistance with fees may be available upon request. Please contact Lianne Pinchuk for more information at